Customer Spotlight: Courtney Sawyer

Customer Spotlight: Courtney Sawyer

Name: Courtney Louise Sawyer

Age: 15

Horse’s Name,age,colour: I loan a 15.2hh Bay Standardbred called Crusher. He is 16yo and is an ex sulky racer (his race name is Katanya Crescendo).

Social Media user names: My Instagram is @horse_and_court

Favourite Riding Discipline: My favourite discipline is definitely Showjumping!

How did you get into riding? A friend of mine used to ride horses and said we should book

a lesson and I loved my first lesson so continued going! I’ve always loved horses though.

What is it you love most about riding? Riding is so rewarding and even though it’s hard work at times, I think it’s relaxing.

Who was the biggest influence in your riding? Tracy, the lady that taught me everything on the yard and in the saddle. She supported me through tough times when I thought about stopping riding. She helped me work towards my BHS level 1 which I now Have!

What is your proudest riding moment? There was a little cob at my riding school who was very unsure and wary of jumping and people didn’t want to ride him as he was unpredictable. I hated him the first time I rode him but fell in love with him after the 2nd ride. I worked with him on jumping in group and private lessons for a few months until I sadly had to leave the riding school. When I left he had jumped 70cm courses with no refusals and is doing very well with the girl that bought him a few weeks after!

Why do you love Arion? Firstly, the owner, Alice is a very lovely person! Secondly, the products she has produced are amazing quality which I absolutely love! The clothing is super comfortable and fits perfectly! All items are also very affordable but great quality, I highly recommend them!

What is your favourite product? The riding leggings are definitely my favourite, the burgundy ones to be specific. They’re really comfortable and lightweight. They kept me warm in winter but are thin enough to keep me cool in summer.

What would you include in the Arion range if you could? Baselayers and competition wear!

What are your riding goals for 2019? My riding goals for 2019 are to jump to 1.10/1.20m and to hack Crusher out alone as I’ve only hacked out once and I fell off and the horse stood on my chin and chest so my confidence isn’t fab, especially as I know Crusher does nap when out alone! I really want to school Crusher as he is quite inexperienced due to lack of schooling when he was racing (he only stopped racing 2 years ago) so lots of lessons and hard work!

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