Customer Spotlight: Olivia McCallum

Customer Spotlight: Olivia McCallum

We have finally put this feature into action. We want to focus on what is truly important to our company. The customers. We are aiming to make this a new monthly feature where we allow one of our customers to take over the blog and give us a little sneak peak into their riding background. For our first ever customer spotlight we have:

Olivia McCallum

Age: 16 About my horse: Buddy (Ballyerk Boy) is a 10 year old, dun Connemara gelding who I have owned for 2 years and is my first horse. Social media usernames: @eventingbuddy (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and Eventing Buddy (YouTube) Favourite riding discipline: Eventing but I am always up to try anything new! How I got into riding: I have loved horses for as long as I can remember and so for my 5th birthday my mum and dad took me to my first riding lesson and after that my interest kept growing! What I love most about riding: I love how rewarding it can be. There are so many set backs which are always very frustrating but they just make the wins feel even better! I also love having to adjust myself to suit every horse I ride, figuring them out and understanding what makes them work best. Biggest influence in my riding: When I was younger it was definitely Pippa Funnell, she was the one who really got me interested in eventing and made me see that is what I wanted to do. However now I would have to say it is Mark Todd and Ben Hobday. My proudest riding moment: Coming 6th at nationals in Prelim dressage as only 7 months before that we did our first dressage competition so it was quite a shock especially with how our dressage was at the start of the year! Another one was 2 months ago when Bud and I won our area qualifier for arena eventing. Why I love Arion: I honestly love how comfortable the products are and how they are not restricting at all. As well as this I love that the products are very affordable, I have tried products by other companies which are much more expensive and are nowhere near as comfortable as Arion’s. My favourite Arion product: I love my leggings, I think the design of them is so original and they look so smart. They are the comfiest leggings I own and they give me complete movement when riding. What I would include in the Arion range: I would love to see some fleece lined leggings for the winter as I practically live in my Arion leggings even through the winter. I would also love to bring back the jodhpurs as they were one of my favourite products and would love to get some more colours! My riding goals for 2019: I want to start doing some novice tests soon and hopefully start placing in them as well! I would also like to start successfully competing at 90cm in show jumping again. I would like to get out to some more events this year and maybe even go round a few BEs. Finally I would love to go to some more BRC championships and hopefully place again.

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