Sponsored Rider: Annabel Drake

Sponsored Rider: Annabel Drake

Ok let's just take a minute to be proud of me for uploading a blog on time. I am about to be crazy busy with the Hickstead Derby so this will probably be the last update until after the Derby.

This week we are introducing Annabel to the team! Annabel was such a clear choice for a sponsored rider. I first met Annabel at Horse of the Year Show and couldn’t have been more impressed with her instant love of the brand. At the show she not only bought our products but brought her friends to our stand just because she really liked our products. She wasn’t looking for anything in return she was just enthusiastic about the company.

From a personal perspective when I was Annabel’s age I was nowhere near as confident and collected when I was around my peers and she really surprised me with how professionally and passionately she spoke about riding. She really caught my attention with her attitude and general demeanour. To see her act in this way was brilliant and I feel so confident in her ability to represent Arion in the way I want to - with responsibility and passion when in the ring and out.

Why do you want to be sponsored by Arion?

When I went to the stand at Horse Of The Year Show I loved the range. There were so many reasons why I want to be sponsored by Arion, firstly it was equestrian wear I was able to buy with my own money, I wanted to share this with my friends. Secondly because I fell in love with the style, fit and comfort, especially in the saddle. Thirdly because of the range and colours.

Favourite Product

My Favourite Arion product has to be the leggings! They are just perfect, I wear them all the time and they are so comfortable. I especially like the zip pockets and the high waistband. Recently I have fell in love with the performance top, it is very smart and stylish.

What are your goals for the future (riding or otherwise)?

My goals for the future, especially this year are to qualify my pony and compete well in the junior Mountain and Moorland showing classes. I want to qualify him for Horse Of The Year Show and do several county shows.

What is your favourite moment riding so far?

I have many favorite memories in and out of the show ring. Definitely one of my favorite was being champion at Royal Norfolk show on my godmothers Connemara pony, qualifying him for Horse Of The Year Show in the junior large breed mountain and moorland showing class at age 12.

How did you get into riding?

I was riding before I could walk. I started on a miniature Shetland, I did the fancy dress classes and when I was two years old I did my first local show. Not long after I started the Pony Club and I did that for a couple of years. In 2012 I had a Dartmoor pony to compete in the showing classes. He was called Rambo (Also know as Hisley Carnival). I went on to qualify him for Royal International and Horse Of the Year Show, my first Trip being in 2012. One of the biggest reasons I got into riding was my mother’s passion for showing and the inspiration from my Godmother. My Godmothers success in breeding Connemara ponies and out of many results she has been Supreme at London Olympia and Horse Of The Year Show. She inspired me and I hope to follow in her footsteps.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

Definitely one of my many achievements, in 2014 I was champion at Royal International Horse Show, Supreme Mountain and Moorland at Equifest and Overall Supreme at Ponies Association UK Summer Championships. Also last year for 2017 I Qualified 4 Ponies for 5 classes at Horse Of The Year Show.

Fun Fact about yourself

When I am not riding I enjoy watching the Moto GP motorbike racing. My favorite motorbike rider is Valentino Rossi!

How may ponies/horses do you have/ride?

At home I have one pony, A Welsh section B called Lego (Cadlan Valley Allegro). I also ride my Godmother's Connemara pony called Guiness (Walstead Guiness). They are my ponies for 2018. In 2017 I rode a Welsh section A pony called Jumble (Glebdale Jumble), a Dartmoor pony called Rambo (Hisley Carnival), a Partbred Welsh Show Pony called Angel (Courtway Angel Delight) and my Godmother's Connemara pony called Guinness (Walstead Guiness) I was very fortunate to qualify all four of these ponies for Horse Of The Year Show.

During my competing I regularly get asked to ride other peoples ponies as well.

Annabel is such a talented young rider not only has she qualified both her ponies for HOYS on the same day but she has also made the final of the Showing World awards The Bates Pony Show + Saddle Junior Show personality of the year 2018,if you could find a moment to vote for her we would be very grateful as it would mean the world to her and no details are taken. Thank you for all for your help and support.


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