Sponsored Rider: Lauren Jones

Sponsored Rider: Lauren Jones

Well it has been a busy week for us as we are currently at Hickstead! Today I want to give a little insight into our sponsored rider Lauren.

Lauren has been with the company from the very start so it made sense to continue supporting her like she has supported us. Her and her sister Mia send us so many photos in our products and constantly give product feedback without us having to ask. Taking the initiative and going the extra mile to support the brand just because they love it. Personally I have been speaking to Lauren for the last 3 years about Arion and she has always been very patient and positive when it comes to talking about the business.

Her love for her horses is so evident in the way she talks about them and they always look so immaculate in her photos. I have no worries about supporting her for this year and I can only thank her and Mia for their continued support while growing Arion.

Why do you want to be sponsored by Arion?

I wanted to be sponsored by Arion equestrian because they produce products I love. Their clothing shows innovative design that is ergonomic as well as aesthetic. Arion is a small company that has grown exponentially in the last few years and will continue to do so with the awesome products they are producing.

Favourite Product:

I love the leggings as they keep me warm during the winter months while I am out eventing but are lightweight enough to be comfortable and stretchy.

What are your goals for the future (riding or otherwise)?

My goal for this eventing season is to get my new horse out competing at 105cm confidently and reliably so that I can compete in Springston trophy again this year as a senior. Over summer I would like to get out show jumping again and step up to 1.15m-1.20m this season.

What is your favourite moment riding so far?

It’s hard to pick a favourite moment but one of my favourite moments would be jumping clear around the tough 105cm Springston Trophy cross country course last year.

How did you get into riding?

I started riding when I was about 5 because I asked my parents for riding lessons for my birthday.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

One of my biggest achievements so far is being in the winning team for South Island show jumping champs. Another would be producing ponies/horses and seeing them go on to do well with new riders.

How many ponies/horses do you have/ride?

I just sold my horse Ben so I only have one horse now and his name is Nav. Nav (aka SS Nevada) is 16.2hh crossbred gelding that I have owned for about 2 months. With him I plan to show jump and event him. At home, we also have three ponies, two of which my sister competes, and one that boards with us.

Fun Fact about yourself

I am originally from Wales but when I was 8 moved to New Zealand and have lived here ever since.

Remember if you want to apply for Sponsorship all you have to do is fill in our Sponsorship Form and we will read and file your information.

Lauren I would say welcome to the Team but it’s more of a thank you for being part of the amazing journey to where the business is now and I’m honoured to be supporting you this year!

I am hoping to update you guys on the events at Hickstead in the next few weeks and let you know what we have been doing behind the scenes to get ready for some new product launches this year.

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